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Gradebook Overview

The Gradebook is a tool for instructors to calculate and store grade information and distribute it to students online. 

Using the Gradebook, instructors can:

  • Autocalculate course grades, with the ability to override any course grade
  • Define course letter grades based on a 100% scale
  • Choose between point- or percentage-based grading
  • Create categories to organize items and allow for weighting of grades
  • Enter, view, edit, and release to students scores, grades, and comments
  • Transmit scores to the Gradebook from tools such as Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums Export scores
  • Export grades to .xls, .csv and .pdf formats.
  • Import item scores from spreadsheet (.csv or .xls) files.
  • Students can view their own scores and grades once instructors have released them.