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Sakai Tutorials

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Create Your Course Site
Learn how to create your course(s) in Sakai
Set Up Your Course Site
Learn how to get your course site prepared and published in time for classes.
Special accommodations
Learn how to make special accommodations for one or more students in your class
Sakai: 5 Big Ideas
Learn how Sakai is different from other software you have used via the 5 Big Ideas.

Quick Guides

Learn how to upload, create, manage and share content using Resources.
Learn how to setup and maintain your grades using the Gradebook tool
How to use the Forums tool to set up threaded discussions
Learn how to use Lessons to create content sequences and link to Sakai assignments, assessments, and discussion boards
Email Notifications
Learn how to customize email notifications for tools and subscribe to course RSS feeds
Tests and Quizzes
Learn how to create and publish assessments with Sakai's Test & Quizzes tool.
Learn about media options and how to embed videos in Sakai


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Review the frequently asked questions to get answers fast.


How to ...
Review the list of videos to see how to perform routine Sakai tasks.