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The Assignments tool helps manage papers, reflections, and other digital artifacts you ask students to submit. If you have used email attachments or drop boxes in the past, you may prefer the Assignment tool because it keeps all student submissions and your feedback neat and tidy (and archived) in a single location.

This tutorial demonstrates how to

  1. Create assignments (4 min.)
  2. Submit assignmets (1 min.)
  3. Grade & upload all (4 min.)

View a video

Link to Youtube video about creating Assignments.

Link to Youtube video about submitting Assignments.

Link to Youtube video about grading Assignments.

Key concepts

  • Allow students to submit assignments as attachments. This is good web accessibility practice and allows for a backup version of work in the event of a technical "glitch."
  • Develop your own method for posting, receiving and providing feedback on assignments. Then, repeat it!
  • You can grade assignments in bulk and download all submissions.
    • Click Grade under the assignment title from the main screen. On the screen that follows, look to the upper-right part of your screen and click Download All. (See image below.)
    • PRINT: Download a 1-pg pdf handout

Screen shots of main assignments page.


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