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Create Custom Link to a Folder in Resources


A custom link uses the Web Content tool to create a link on the left Side Menu where default tools such as Announcements, Calendar and Resources are located. You may link to many things including other websites or files. This tutorial will explain specifically how to link to a folder located in Resources. 

First, go to Resources and choose the folder to which you would like to link.

1) Click Actions and choose Edit Details from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of Resources Actions menu options.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click Select URL for Copying and copy the link (PC: Ctrl + C, Mac: Command + C).

Screenshot of web address for resource.

3) Click Site Info on the left Side Menu. Then, click Edit Tools.

Screenshot of Site Info menu.

4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box next to Web Content. Then, click Continue.

Screenshot of adding Web Content tool.

5) Chose a title for the link (e.g. 'Readings'). Paste the link you copied previously into the source box (PC: CTRL + P, Mac: Command + P). Then, Click Continue.

Screenshot of title and URL for resource.

6) Click Finish to complete the process.

Screenshot of confirming site tool edit.

7) Your custom link will now appear on the Side Menu. Click the link to view the content in the folder.

Screenshot of custom link added to left side menu.