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Sakai Tutorials

Customize your site

Simple sites are easier to navigate and use. Adding visual elements can make your site easier to identify. A few small changes can improve the experience for your participants and direct their focus to the most important tasks and information.

This tutorial demonstrates how to

  1. Edit the home page
  2. Edit the menu
  3. View the site as a student (this feature available only in course sites)

Key concepts

  • You control the content and size of “Site Information Display” on the site home page. Use the space creatively!
  • You can hide menu items from participants’ view thereby simplifying the site navigation. (As the site owner, you will always see all menu items.)
  • You can rename menu items but do so with care; the embedded Sakai Help tool refers to the default names for tools. Changed names could cause confusion.
  • A very common error is to View the Site as a Student and forget to return to the Instructor view.  Once you return to Instructor view, all menu items and permissions will return.

Common questions

  • You can remove tools through Site Info > Edit Tools. However, you can also remove tools via Site Info > Page Order > click the red X. To re-add a tool, go to Site Info > Edit Tools and select the tool(s) needed.
  • In the Sakai Help tool, search for "Appearance" or scan the contents for Site Info to review the documentation.

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