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Edit Published Assessments

You can now edit a published assessment without having to retract it and start all over.  If students have already submitted their tests, then your changes will go back and re-grade their assessment and update their score.  Furthermore, if students are in the progress of taking the assessment then they will be able to continue taking the test without interruptions and any modifications will be applied once they submit their assessment answers. 

Edit a published assessment

1.  Go to Tests & Quizzes.
2.  Select the Published Copies: released to students tab, located above the table displaying your Test/Quiz titles.
3.  From the --Select Action-- drop down menu click on Edit.

Screenshot of assessment actions menu options.

4.  On the Edit Assessment Confirmation page click Edit again.
5.  Click Edit next to the question or part that you want to modify.

6.  Modify the question or part and click Save.
7.  Click on Republish or Regrade and Republish at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: If you are making changes to points or answers, be sure to select Regrade and Republish.
8.  You have the option to modify the settings or cancel any changes.
9.  Click Republish to make it available to students and auto correct any previously submitted scores.