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Create a New Forum

There is really no limit to how many Forums you create.  Remember, it helps to consider how you want students to interact and how the course is designed.  You may consider creating a new forum for each week if you have multiple topics per week.  However you design your online discussions it is important to remember that the settings you establish at the Forum level will apply to all the Topics within it.

1.  Select New Forum from the top menu
2.  Create a Forum Title
3.  Descriptions are optional
4.  Modify Permissions as needed.
5.  Use drop-down menu for Permission Level: to individually customize permissions
     You can only modify one role at a time and assign it one permission level
     The Permissions you set here will automatically apply to all the Topics you create within this Forum.

Screenshot of Permissions.

6.  Gradebook Item allows you to grade the discussions and apply to a previously created entry in the gradebook (optional)
7.  Save Settings and Add Topics 
     Note: Students cannot see a Forum unless a Topic has been added. 

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