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Get oriented

Take a moment to review the "road maps and signs" built into Sakai. They will help you navigate successfully. In addition, there are a few tips and tricks (including accessibility suggestions) that are helpful to know right from the start. They are all in this quick overview.

A word about browsers

Icon of Firefox Web Browser. Browsers change frequently and each has settings and configurations that can affect your experience using the Web generally, and Sakai specifically. We recommend using Firefox.

Each release of Sakai is tested against multiple browsers and platforms but it is an open-source product and is not certified for particular browsers. Therefore, if you can use Firefox, please do.


Sakai: Get oriented

Note: You can download this presentation as PDF or you can make the presentation full screen by clicking the 4-headed arrow in the lower right-hand corner. In addition, a text transcript is available on Slideshare.