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Importing Grades from Scantron Exams in Digital Desk

ITS-Classroom Hotline provides computerized scoring and analysis service for all courses taught at UNC based on the standard ScanTron form provided at UNC Student Stores. They are located inside the Classroom Hotline suite, Peabody 08. We are a drop-off service and typically will have exam data back to you within a 24-72 business hour timeframe.

1.  Log in to
2.  Click on Reports tab
3.  From the Exam ID drop down menu, locate your exam.
4.  Check the box next to the exam ID to select the exam.

screenshot of digital desk highlighting where to click

5.  Scroll down and select the Custom tab under Report Options
6.  Select Run next to Sakai Report (or Combined Sakai Report for a course with multiple combined sections).
7.  Click on the Downloads tab
8.  Click Download next to the available reports.

digital desk screenshot hightlighting where to click to download csv file

Take note of any errors within the spreadsheet. If a student’s PID is incorrect, this will result in an error while uploading the file into Sakai. Either edit or remove the student with the error from the spreadsheet.

After you have your exam results properly formatted for Sakai, then you can review the following tutorial to learn more about uploading the results into Sakai's gradebook.

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