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Importing Grades from a Spreadsheet

NOTE: You can download a Gradebook spreadsheet template for your course through the Import Grades tool in the Gradebook.

Follow these steps to import your spreadsheet into the Gradebook:

1.  Open the spreadsheet into Excel and confirm that Student ID's and Names are in the first 2 columns and each column is appropriately named -- *Please note, we recently upgraded the gradebook so it displays PIDs in Sakai and in the downloadable template. Spreadsheets with and without PIDs will import.  In image below, note that columns are named properly (the name of any grade column will become the label for that grade in Sakai)

Screenshot of column headers in a spreadsheet.

2.  Now, from the File menu choose Save As to save a copy of this spreadsheet as a csv or xls, giving it a recognizable filename.

Screenshot of Excel menu options.

3.  Log into Sakai and click your course's Gradebook from the left-hand menu.
4.  To upload the data, select the Import Grades at the top right.

Screenshot of Gradebook menu.

5.  On the next screen, go to Step 3. Import Spreadsheet and browse for your .csv or .xls file.
6.  Select the file to upload then confirm your selection by clicking on Continue.
7.  If your spreadsheet is properly formatted, the next screen will show the data that you are trying to upload. Verify that this data is correct and click the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

If there are errors in the Student ID, a message will appear showing which ID is incorrect. To change a Student ID, open the .csv file in Excel, edit the file, resave it and go back to Step 3 Import Spreadsheet.

Sakai will not allow you to upload data if there are errors. However, it isn't necessary to upload records for all the students. You can remove rows in the file that have errors and enter the grades for those students later directly in the Gradebook.

Screenshot of verifying grade import.

The grade(s) will now show up as a Gradebook Item.