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Using the Resources tool, you can share many kinds of material securely with members of your site, or make them available to the public. You also have your own private Resources area in your My Workspace.  You can upload files (e.g., word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and videos), as well as create and post HTML (web) pages and simple text documents, and share links to useful web sites.  You can organize your Resources items into folders, and you can control which groups or types of users can access and add to different folders.  Also, you can show or hide an item at any time, and set a start and/or end time for its availability.

Screenshot of Resources top menu options.

Site Resources: Displays a list of items and folders.

Upload-Download Multiple Resources:  Provides instructions and the site's url to upload multiple resources via a process called WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning).  WebDAV allows you to easily transfer files and folders from your local computer to your Resources folder

Permissions:  Using the Permissions feature, site owners can control which types of users can read, post, revise, and/or delete files in specific folders. Site owners and instructors can make a resource available to anyone by choosing to post it with the "public view" setting checked.

Options: Select or unselect resources types to indicate whether resources of that type can be created in this site.

Check Quota:  Allows you to view how much space you have used and how much remaining storage you have in the site.


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