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Using the PostEm tool

The PostEm tool is an alternative to using the grade book to display grades and feedback to students.  Even though you are uploading a spreadsheet it is still private and a student will only be able to view his/her grades.

If you answer yes to any of the following then most likely you will prefer the PostEm tool:

  • Do you prefer to display feedback next to your letter/number grades?
  • Do you prefer to maintain your grades in a spreadsheet (external to Sakai's gradebook) and frequently want to share with your students what their current grade is?

By default the PostEm is not enabled.  Click here to learn how to enable the Post'Em tool.

Uploading a spreadsheet using the PostEm tool

1.  Begin by downloading a pre-formatted spreadsheet from the Gradebook.
2.  Go to the Gradebook.
3.  Select All Grades.
4.  Click on Export as CSV

Screenshot of exporting Gradebook to Excel.

5.  You can add/remove columns, change scores, incorporate formulas, and modify anything other than the first column with user ID's.

Screenshot of spreadsheet view.

6.  Save you spreadsheet as a csv (comma separated value) file.
7.  Navigate to the PostEm tool.
8.  Click on Add.
9.  Click on Browse to select your .csv grades.
10. Check the box if you want to release the data to students.
11. Click on Post.
12. A screen will display what the spreadsheet will display to the student.  Note: If you drop the lowest grade(s) within a category then the student will see (Dropped) next to that score.
13. Click on Save.

Screenshot of saving uploaded file.

A student will ONLY see his/her information from the spreadsheet.  They will not see the complete spreadsheet, nor will they have the ability to view any other student's grades or feedback.