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Within the Modules tool, four options are available: View, Author, Manage and Preferences.

Screenshot of page views in Modules: View, Author, Manage and Preferences.

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Click View to enter the student view of a module. In this view, you will be able to see modules as they appear to students.

Screenshot of student view of Modules.

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Click Author to enter the module authoring view. From this view, you can add, modify and organize modules and sections.

Screenshot of author view of Modules.

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Click Manage to manage modules. Three options are available: Manage Content, Restore Modules and Import/Export.

Screenshot of manage Modules.

Manage Content

To manage uploaded and linked content used by a site’s modules, click Manage Content.

To add a new file or link, choose the necessary item type from the drop down menu. To add multiple items of the same type, choose the number of items from the drop down menu. Then, click Continue.

Screenshot of manage content.

For a file upload, click Browse to choose the file from your computer.

When the correct file has been located, click Continue.

Screenshot of browsing to choose content.

To add a URL, type the URL and name the link. Then, click Continue.

Screenshot of adding a URL.

Existing content can be deleted at any time by choosing from the list of items currently available and clicking Delete.

Screenshot of deleting items from manage content.

Click Continue to confirm your decision.

Screenshot of confirm delete.

When you return to author view, the item will be deleted.

Screnshot of completed delete.

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Restore Module

For information about how to restore modules, please refer to Archive Module

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To import a module, click Browse to choose the appropriate file from your computer. Then, click import.

Screenshot of browsing for module to import.

Note: The module must be an IMS Content Package, exported from another Sakai site or a standards compliant application.

Note: Currently, the Export Module function is not supported. For an alternative method to export Modules to another Sakai course, please refer to information about how to Merge Data.

Note: Merge Data requires that you are listed as an Instructor for both courses involved in a merge.